What makes us different ?


As industry leaders face a herd of requirements management solution vendors using cliched jargons like 'startup DNA', 'lean', 'cloud-based', 'agile', 'disruptive' and 'mobile' to make even SEAL-Team Six look incompetent, we have decided to take a rather unconventional approach. Our mission is to give 'accountability' a face-lift. If we don't get the job done as per the specs, we refund your investment. Really !!


In today's world, accountability for business/technology application requirements is generally passed on to a 'tool' with an exotic name that pretends to work like a zen god capable of identifying and managing relationships across complex, inter-twined requirements. Our approach is lot more simplistic and sustainable.


We believe accountability for requirements management lies in the hands of humans and not tools. We are confident humans can be educated in a non-disruptive way to analyze, define and rationalize requirements that tackle different angles of a big picture business problem. We use strategic people interaction methods to investigate, define and maintain that moving target of a traceable business/technology requirements repository. We rely on swift pain point mitigation by shortening the feedback loop and directly interacting with customers to consistently manage product feature build from concept to prototype.